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We have even thrown in some animal jokes and humor to make things a bit more fun!!!

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A lady who was very lonesome bought a parrot from a pet store, complete with cage. Before purchasing it she got a guarantee that the parrot would talk.She took the parrot home.

In a week and a half she returned to the store very disappointed.

"The parrot doesn't talk.", the woman complained.

"Did you buy a mirror?", the store owner inquired.

 "No." , the woman replied.

"Every parrot needs a mirror. ", the store owner replied.

So she bought a mirror and installed it in the parrot's cage.

Another week and a half went by and she returned. "The parrot still doesn't talk.", she said.

 "Did you buy a ladder?", the store owner asked.

 "No.", the women said.

 "Every parrot needs a ladder.", answered the store owner.

So she bought a ladder and installed it in the cage. Another week and a half passed and she returned.

"The parrot still doesn't talk.", she demanded. Clearly losing her patience.

"Did you buy a swing?""No.""Every parrot needs a swing."So she bought a swing and installed it in the cage.

A week and a half later she returned. She was furious! The store owner asked, "Did the parrot talk?""No!, he died.""Oh, that's terrible.

Did he say anything before he died?", the man said. 

"Yes. As a matter of fact he did", the woman recalled.

"What did he say?", the store owner asked.

The parrot said 'Don't they have any food down at that store?'

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